The Publishing House of the Institute of Veterinary Biology is publishing the journal "Actual Issues of Veterinary Biology", founded in 2009. Our magazine is designed for specialists working in the field of veterinary medicine, livestock, biology, as well as at the junction of these sciences. The purpose of the journal "Actual Issues of Veterinary Biology" is to improve the skills of practicing doctors, exchange experience, and disseminate professional information necessary for work.

The journal publishes materials on all aspects and areas of veterinary medicine, zootechnics, as well as materials of a biological orientation, which may be of scientific or practical importance for veterinary medicine. The journal contains original scientific articles, reviews, experimental works, materials relating to the practical work of a veterinarian, the latest achievements in the field of medical and laboratory practice.

In our magazine you can place information about your company, advertise your services and products.

When considering the possibility of advertising in our publication, we ask you to consider the following points:

Regular log output.
A large number of subscribers.
Targeted delivery of your advertising to the consumer of your products.
Wide coverage of libraries and organizations of veterinary and agricultural profile (compulsory distribution, subscription).
Reasonable cost of advertising and its intended purpose.
Flexible system of discounts for the ads you place.
They will learn about you and your products in different parts of the country and neighboring countries.

You can draw up a contract and receive an invoice for payment directly in the journal at the address: St. Petersburg, ul. Oranienbaumskaya, d. 3-B, t. (812) 232-55-92, 927-55-92 or by mail. E-mail: We look forward to a long-term and fruitful cooperation!

We look forward to a long-term and fruitful cooperation!

Sincerely, Editorial Board of the Actual Issues of Veterinary Biology
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